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Edit photos and create albums, slideshows, or CDs
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Edit your images by rotating, flipping, mirroring, cutting, cropping, or resizing them. Retouch photos by adjusting the brightness or color balance, removing red eyes, and blurring or sharpening them. Create albums, slideshows, and videos.

BlazePhoto offers a straightforward solution for editing image files. In addition, it allows you to easily manage your photo collection, create beautiful slideshows, burn the pictures onto CD or DVD disc, and upload your photos to social networks.

By means of an attractive, clear-cut, and user-friendly interface, you will learn pretty fast how this tool works and respectively, how to manage its functions. Loading the photos is an easy thing to do, since the utility comes with a browsing panel that allows you to see your computer's tree-like structure and select the files you intend to edit. A generous preview will let you check whether you imported the right photos, or not. Unlike other programs, the preview is highly customizable and displays the files the way you prefer: as icons, thumbnails, single pictures, filmstrip, or full screen. Furthermore, you retrieve additional information like the size, the resolution, and the creation date of each photo.

Once the files are loaded, you can start editing them. Namely, you can resize the images by using the program's presets or by inserting your own coordinates. Basic editing features such as rotate, flip, and crop are also provided. In addition, you have the ability to adjust color and luminosity issues, remove red eye imperfections, as well as add text, clips, and frames to get an original and exquisite appearance. Blur and sharp effects are available, but unlike similar programs, they will alter the entire picture, not just a selected area as it would be more convenient. The series of effects is complemented with five filters, which, in my opinion, are neither outstanding, nor completely useless; they are just classic methods of photo enhancement.

While the features mentioned above aren't really impressive, things change when it comes to creating slideshows. You can reorder the photos, apply multiple transition effects, set the video size, and apply background music. The slideshows can be saved to your hard drive or burnt to CD or DVD. Ordinary pictures can be easily printed, sent via email, uploaded to sharing websites, or simply saved on your computer as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP files.

Overall, the program is stable and runs without errors. The preview is great since it displays the loaded files in multiple ways; yet, I would have liked it more if it displayed both the original and the adjusted images. Plus, I consider the program a bit pricey taking into account that most of the editing features are standard.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Clear-cut interface
  • Multiple editing functions
  • Creates beautiful slideshows
  • Photo sharing ability
  • Can process images in batches


  • Provides only basic editing features
  • A bit pricy taking into account its editing limitations
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